Flooding Process: +100% anticorrosion protection.

With over 20 years of experience we have standardized a unique process that guarantees
 a protection of the finned surface more enhanced than traditional systems.

Congratulations for having chosen the class A technology

Did they tell you that in most HVAC systems this is true only for the first
period of life of the installation?

Let us protect the heat exchange from the corrosion threat

Our solutions reduce the Total Life Cycle Cost of HVAC installations through consistent operating
cost savings and an efficient on-site retrofit


The heat exchangers' protection of Chillers, Heat Pumps, Rooftop units, remote Condensers and,more generally, of all air conditioning equipment has adavantages for all users of the cold chain.

THE DESIGNER that includes AiAX Coatings in the job specifications knows that guaranteeing the energy class of a building depends also from the continuity of performance of the HVAC installation

TO MAINTAIN the AiAX Coatings protection costs less than to replace the heat exchangers and prevents the corrosion related problems.

TO PRODUCE PROTECTED HEAT EXCHANGERS is a much better solution than retrofitting on the field. Introduce the “Production Step AiAX Coatings” into the manufacturing procedures.

TO PRODUCE COMPLETE UNITS with protected heat exchangers is an “energy question”